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    You Helped Real Eats Succeed

    Hello everyone.  We just wanted to give you a quick update on our friends at Real Eats.

    The owner, Michelle, gladly reported that Real Eats did as much business in the last week of June as in the whole month of May!

    This is thanks in large part to, of course, their awesome food, the promotion Real Eats extended to UBX’s members, and the phenomenal buzz all of you created by sharing our blog post featuring Real Eats.  435 shares and counting!

    So from everyone at Real Eats, thank you for contributing to their success.

    veggie heart

    Now, let’s keep the good feelings rolling!  Give yourselves a big pat on the back and share this with all your friends because everyone helped.

    Let’s also keep making our new blog post, Dining Out Right, a hit.

    We want to  hear from you.  Leave your comments below and tell us what restaurants you want to hear about next.

    And remember the more feedback and sharing everyone does the better chance UBX has of securing its members a sweet deal just like the one feature our last Dining Out Right post.

    Until next time my friends eat well.