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    Five Tips For Healthy Weight Loss

    Today there is absolutely no shortage of weight loss strategies and people often find more info on the internet, when compared to the traditional methods of consulting doctors in person. Sadly, many of these offer conflicting advice; leaving the consumer more confused about how to proceed than when they started, this is why websites like exist.

    Luckily most of these weight loss plans share the following 5 points.  So let’s keep it simple:

    1) Take about 15-20 min. to eat and stop when you are almost full.

    2) Women eat 1 palm sized portion of protein with every meal.  Men eat 2 palm sized portions of protein with every meal.

    3) Eat at least 1 fist sized portion of vegetables, prepared as you like, with every meal.

    4) Only eat bread, pasta, and other types of starches 30 min. before or 1 hour after working out.

    5) You need adequate fat in your diet from numerous sources like eggs, meats, fish, olives, avocados, coconuts, palms, nuts, and seeds. You can also check out Diaetoxil Bewertungen products if you are trying to lose those stubborn fat.

    Follow these 5 tips whether you are preparing your own meals or eating out and watch the weight fall off.

    Eat well my friends.