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     Hello everyone! UBX is starting a new blog segment where we feature a new restaurant every week. We will discuss healthy dining options around town because we want you to both stay healthy and enjoy life. We are particularly excited about our inaugural post.

    Real Eats,, located on the South West corner of 156th and Center, occupies a valuable niche for those of us trying to eat healthy on the go. The owner, Michelle Cali, explains:

    I have been eating this way for a long time. My strategy was to prep all of my food on Sunday and Wednesday. I ate really well at the beginning of the week, but I found food prep on Wednesday difficult. All of the produce I bought on Sunday was starting to go bad and, inevitably, I would run short on ingredients. This meant going to the store and prepping all of my food while I was extremely exhausted from the workday. Consequently, I made poorer food choices as the week progressed.

    Real Eats provides solid nutrition for time-crunched patrons and the 90 second prep time can certainly fill the gap in anyone’s’ lifestyle.

    Although there are other companies that offer similar services, Real Eats offers six outstanding features:

    1. All of their dishes provide nutrition facts for their customers to count their carbohydrates, protein, and fat;
    2. Most of their dishes come in two sizes small and regular;
    3. Ingredients are sourced locally and organically when possible;
    4. The containers are reusable and BPA free;
    5. All of their dishes are gluten free and;
    6. Customers can place their orders online and they are chef-prepared in house.

    Further, Real Eats does not adhere to one dietary style in particular, but rather caters to many in their own unique fashion. Their menu and packaging clearly marks if the dish is gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, vegan, or paleo style. The kpop plastic surgery experts have a specific diet they prescribe after the surgery as well.

    Real Eats is also acutely aware of special dietary needs. In fact one of the first questions Michelle asks is if you have any food allergies!

    So, without further delay, here are UBX’s top picks from Real Eats:

    Breakfast Peppers

    Breakast Peppers

    Breakfast Burrito

     Breakfast Burrito

     Paleo Meat Loaf

     Paleo Meatloaf

    Caveman Chili


    Caveman Chili

    Chicken Ragout

     Chicken Ragout

     The Verdict

    Don’t expect to entertain a large party as Real Eats is not a sit-down restaurant per se. One could, nevertheless, purchase a meal and microwave it onsite. The longest part of this dining experience is consuming a healthy dish.

    Bottom line these prepared dishes, priced between $6.25 and $9.25, are certainly healthier, tastier, and dare we say faster than fast food.

    Real Eats is UBX approved.

    Until next time my friends, eat well.