UBStronger 55+

UBStronger 55+

The UBStronger 55+ program addresses areas of health that MATTER to you

Have you heard of a Functional vital sign?

Most of us are familiar with the typical vital signs: height, weight, pulse rate, blood pressure, temperature, etc.  But have you heard that Walking Speed is also a vital sign?   Research has shown that Walking Speed is related to rates of hospitalization, cognitive decline, frailty, depression, and falls.

Think about it.  When you don’t feel well, you move slower.  Those that appear frail, move more cautiously.

The UBStronger sessions are built to improve your functional vital signs!

Our health and fitness professionals design evidence-based programs to accommodate your level of mobility and help you safely reach your goals.  You will thrive in our small group setting meeting twice a week as we partner with you to:

  • Improve your fitness level and overall health
  • Progress after rehabbing from surgery or injury
  • Reduce your fall risk
  • Recommit to a healthy lifestyle
  • Optimize your quality of life
Come and join our community of people 55 and older focused on getting stronger and aging well.
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