Changing Lives, One Body at Time!

    Kelsey H. 27

    When I decided to start working out with Brent, in my mind I thought I’ll try this out for one time and that’ll be it. I won’t feel any different. I’ve worked out with trainers before and just never felt like they listened to what I wanted to work on or how I wanted to look. With Brent, it’s different. He understands where I want to be and how much to push me. He pushes you just enough to make you feel like it’s your workout and you just have his support. In the past two months the results I’ve witnessed have been amazing! I never would of thought I could see these results building muscle while keeping my frame small. The only thing I wish I could do over in regards to working out with Brent is that I wish I would have started training with him earlier. Would I recommend people to Brent? Absolutely!