Changing Lives, One Body at Time!

    Heather K. 30

    I hadn’t lifted a weight or worked out since my senior year in high school. I knew I needed to tone up and lose some pounds to be healthy again. I came across UBX and Brent on Facebook through a couple of mutual friends. I got a free session to see if I would like it or not which led to me training 3 times per week with him. I’m not the gym savvy type of person so having Brent as my trainer telling me what to do and pushing me is amazing. Even on days that I don’t want to workout he pushes me. Within the first 3 months I lost weight and inches. People noticed and it kept me going. Everyone at UBX is very kind and personable. They don’t judge, they are there to help ANYONE reach their goals. I feel like I have known them all forever even though it has only been 10 months. I am so glad I came across UBX and I am very happy with the results and continuous support that I get from Brent and the other trainers. If it weren’t for him I wouldn’t be where I am today.