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UB Fit is our small group personal training service for people who want the accountability and results of 1 on 1 personal training in a more affordable group setting. The morning sessions offered are on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 5:15am or 6:30am (must choose one time). The afternoon sessions offered are on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at Noon or 5:30pm (must choose one time). These classes are structured like personal training in regards to format and accountability. We focus on progressing 3 core lifts, your Deadlift, Back Squat and Bench Press on each day with different auxiliary lifts being performed to supplement those core lifts. The trainers running these sessions pay great attention to form and are experts at modifying and correcting form for each individual while pushing you to the intensities that your fitness level allows. This method applied consistently with a consistent meal plan is very effective at snowballing your progress to maximize your results in the program. With this service, you get an easy to follow meal plan along with a journal to track your nutrition and activity. We measure your weight, body composition and circumference once every 5-6 weeks. We also apply a fitness test that we call the “Chipper Challenge” every 5-6 weeks to track the improvements in your fitness level. Membership options include 1 month, 3 month or 6 month options. We offer an option for serious inquiries to shadow one workout so they can meet the trainer, meet the other clients and to see if the setting is a fit for them.

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My First 90 Days at UBX

Over the past few years, I’ve done multiple different home workouts from Insanity, Asylum and T25 to some bodyweight-based or TRX-based workouts and trained for and completed a couple half marathons. I’d seen varying results with the workouts, mostly due to a poor diet, and had lost quite a bit of weight while training for the half marathons. But after completing the workout programs and completing the half marathons I struggled to find a new workout or challenge I wanted to embark on. So, while trying to find that next goal a week off turned into a month which turned into a few. I knew I had put on a few extra pounds but was hit with a dose of reality when I was weighed at a doctor’s visit and the scale reported 251 pounds. That was the wakeup call I needed. I had to get serious and that’s when I turned to UBX.

I’d trained with Luke multiple times over the past several years and had always seen results. When checking out the website I noticed they offered group personal training. Seemed to fit what I was looking for. Structured, personal workouts with access to fit camp style workouts as well. So, I had the physical workout part figured out. But the one thing I was always lacking was commitment on my meals and eating properly. Luke sat me down and we discussed what I needed to do with my nutrition to really see the results I wanted quickly. With his sample meal plan and suggestions, I setoff to see if I could actually commit to eating properly.

The first couple of weeks were tough both physically adapting to the workouts and mentally with the change in diet routine. Both got easier each day. I found keeping my menu simple was easiest for me. It became routine and I didn’t have to stress about creating different menus. I’ve been able to stay fairly consistent with my diet and it’s helped accelerate the results I’m seeing in the gym. The trainers at UBX also checking our food journals also helps keep us accountable and on target with our diet plans. I’ve also found the group training has helped motivate me more than working out alone. I tend to push myself harder around others than I might if I were training alone and have enjoyed the friendly competition between others in my group as well.

In my first 90 days at UBX I’ve been able to drop over 23 ½ pounds and lost nearly 7.5% body fat while maintaining my lean body mass. Indicating nearly all of my weight loss came from body fat. The workouts continue to evolve and remain challenging. And with the staff of UBX I’m hoping to continue to modify and hone my diet into something I’ll maintain the rest of my life. I’m not where I want to be yet but I know the staff at UBX will get me there!

Update on 180 days at UBX – Now down 41.4lbs and 10.6% body fat. Still making progress!

– Shannon H. 44

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