Personal Training

1-on-1 Personal Training

UBX’s houses some of the Midwest’s best personal trainers. Our experience and expertise is only trumped by our passion. We understand every person is different, so every path to reaching your health and fitness goals is different. It is our job to recognize what the best path to take is and then lead you down that path. Our 1 on 1 personal training program is modeled after the 5 components of fitness. We take each client’s specific goals and abilities and develop a program that meets their needs. Each program incorporates structured weight training, we teach you how to eat properly to maximize your metabolism, we teach you what to do for cardiovascular and maintenance exercises, we help you understand what supplements to take, and lastly we tie it all together by holding you accountable in all these areas and make changes as needed to snowball your progress.

Group Personal Training

UBX’s Group Personal Training Service is our answer to clients looking for personal training results in an affordable setting. These sessions are not to be confused with classes or boot camps. These are workouts structured and progressed based on each persons specific goals and abilities. Clients in these sessions are also held accountable on attendance and following nutrition plans. Measurements are taken every 5 weeks to assess progress and make alterations to the training and nutrition as needed. Our group program consists of small groups of no more than 8 clients working with a trainer 3 times each week following a structured program. Group training clients also get unlimited access to the Fit-Camp classes to get in alternate workouts on their off days. Group training sessions offered are 5:15am and 6:30am (Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) then Noon and 5:30pm Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

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